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Bike Fitting

Cycle Therapy Specialty Bike Fitting

Our Specialty Is Performance & Comfort-based Bike Fitting Sessions!

Reasons to go beyond the basic bike sizing and invest in a bike fitting session:

  • Ride Faster, further, and more efficiently
  • Minimize the potential for over-use injury
  • Improve your bike handling and technical ability
  • Identify muscle and postural imbalances
  • Improve your comfort on the bike
  • Higher power output
  • More speed

Comfort Fit


This is best suited to riders on flat bar bikes who are not clipping in.  This is also for road or gravel bike riders who are new, or recreational cyclists so long as they are on flat pedals.

Please allow up to 1 hour.

Performance Fit


This is best suited for road or other bike riders using clipless pedals who are more serious recreational cyclists or racers.

Please allow up to 1 1/2 hours.

Precision Fit


This is for serious racers or athletes with special concerns or injuries, where using the fit bike would be beneficial.

Please allow up to 2 hours.

Aero Bars / Tri Bars - $40.00

There is some added complications and time involved with fitting bikes with Aero bars or Tri bars so there will be an extra charge added to any of the above fits.
Please allow up to an additional 20 minutes.


  • All bike fit customers will receive a 10% discount on product needed to complete their fit i.e. handlebars, stems, saddles etc.
  • Any maintenance work including handlebar, stem, and saddle replacement that cannot be completed by our fit technician will be charged at our regular shop rate of $120.00/hour.

The Cycle Therapy Bike Fit Expert - Steve Lund

Steve brings 30 years of racing and coaching experience to every bike fit.  

An accomplished Road and MTB XC racer, Steve transitioned into coaching and has become one of a select few NCCP Level 4 coaches in Canada, graduating from the National Coaching Institute in 1997.  He has lead Canadian National Cycling Teams at Commonwealth Games, Pan Am Championships, World Cups and many other international events.  He was the head Cycling Coach for Triathlon Canada from 2000 - 2006, helping Simon Whitfield and many others refine their cycling fits, skills and fitness.  Steve is the founder and head coach of the Victoria Academy of Cycling, a youth development team that has helped young bike racers become professional athletes including 2008 Olympian Gina Grain and professional road racers Nic Hamilton (JELLY BELLY P/B KENDA) and Ryan Anderson (OPTUM P/B KELLY BENEFIT STRATEGIES), top Canadian (8th place overall) at the inaugural UCI tour of Alberta and competitor at the 2013 Road World Championships.

Steve has performed over 1500 Bike Fits in the last 20 years on cyclists of all abilities and disciplines, including Triathlon specific set-ups for the world's best Ironman and Olympic distance athletes.  He has years of experience working with a world-class team of athletes and doctors, a UVicn National Coaching Institute Advanced Coaching Degree and extensive knowledge of the bio-mechanics of cycling and anatomy.  This knowledge and experience is used to perfectly align your bike and body so you can ride faster, smoother, and with greater efficiency.  He also has a great deal of experience helping to resolve and  minimize the risk of bicycle related overuse injuries.