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Bike Services
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Repair and Maintenance


We pride ourselves on quality service work at Cycle Therapy and are equipped to perform anything from a suspension overhaul or keeping your cherished road bike or daily commuter in proper shape.  A TREK certified service center as well as a certified Shimano Service Center, our mechanics have a combined total of over 40 years of experience riding and fixing bikes. They can work on any brand of bike, so bring yours in, we'll give you an estimate and get it back to you as soon as possible. We have an extensive range of parts in stock and we can certainly special order most other items and get them in within a week.

Note: during the peak cycling season our repair queue can lengthen for major service work. We do offer an appointment-based system though so you don't have to part ways with your bike for too long. If your bike is ridable, bring it in and we will evaluate the work to be done, write up a work order, schedule a date for your bike in our queue and send you on your way. On the day before your appointment bring your bike back — it will be returned a day or two later.

Service Packages

Level One - TCS checkup

This preventative maintenance service includes small alignments and adjustments to brakes and shifting to ensure a smooth, controlled ride.

Recommended service interval: Every 25 hours of ride time

Level Two - Tune-up Service

Revitalize your bike’s performance and ward off mechanical issues with a detailed clean, comprehensive lubrication, and precise adjustments to all critical components.

Recommended service interval: Every 50 hours of ride time

Level Three - Tune-up Plus

This comprehensive rebuild ensures complete system performance and component longevity. Your bike will ride like new with a deep clean and complete overhaul of all components, including bearing systems.
Prices varying for Road, Mountain and Full-suspension bikes.

Recommended service interval: Every 100 hours of ride time


Cycle Therapy Precision Bike Fit Systems Studio

David Beggs and Steve Lund

People have been riding bikes for over a hundred years and the biggest change has been over the last 10 years with the universal recognition of the importance of a proper bike fit. Not only choosing the right frame size but proper adjustment of all the contact points — the pedals, handlebars and saddle.

In the course of a typical 2 hour ride we will make 10,000 pedal strokes. Proper bike fit is the key to maximising comfort on a bike — this translates to a superior riding experience that will increase power output while minimizing injuries. Whether you are riding around the corner or across the country you should be as comfortable as possible on your bike. If you are experiencing pain in your neck; back; knees; hands; or feet you are probably riding a bike that does not fit you properly. Finding a bike seat that fits you well is also imperative. There are dozens of bike saddles designed for every rider and riding style. Saddles come in a variety of materials from gel to leather. There are women-specific saddles that are shorter and wider to accommodate a woman's wider pelvis. Others have a center cutout to relieve pressure on soft tissues. We have a great selection of saddles in stock and we allow you to try any saddle we have without commitment to find the one that fits you best.

Cycle Therapy Standard Bike Sizing

At Cycle Therapy we offer complimentary bike sizing with every bike we sell. Proper positioning of your cleats saddle and handlebars for comfort and efficiency.  We include these basic fits on all new bike sales! Changing of major  components (such as cranks and handlebars) will be charged at a 50% reduced shop rate.  

Purchase a new bike at Cycle Therapy and recieve a credit of 5% of the purchase price toward any Fit Service.
Reasons to go beyond the basic bike sizing and invest in a bike fitting session.  

Ride Faster, longer and more efficiently
Minimize your potential for over use injury
Improve your bike handling and technical ability
Identify muscle and postural imbalances
Improve your comfot on the bike
Higher Power Output
More Speed

Cycle Therapy Performance Fit $100.00

All of our expertise in an economical and effective fitting.  With your bike on a CycleOps Trainer, we will adjust and properly align cleats, saddle,  handlebar, and all related components.  You will recieve a written size report with both equipment and technical recommendatins.

This takes 60 - 90 minutes.  Add $30.00 for Triathlon / Time Trial set up.

Cycle Therapy Precision Fit $180.00

We start with a detailed review of your current position and an interview to make sure we have all the information to set up your bike as specifically as possible for each individual.  We analyze your functional dynamics (range of montion, unique morphology) for proper cleat position and saddle height.  Exact measurements of your bike and your saddle are transferred to the Trek Precision Fit Bike, and initial measurements are recorded of your starting leg and torso angles.  From there we can dial in your ideal cycling position for maximum power, comfort, efficiency and aerodynamics while on the bike, with pedalling adjustments.

This includes:

  • Correct cleat positioning, foot alignment and custom footbeds or adjustments as required;
  • Exact saddle positioning including height, tilt and fore/aft placement
  • Recommendations on crank arm length, specific saddle types, handle bar, brake lever and stem positioning and recommendation on specific models best suited to you;
  • The optimal Aero bar positioning for comfort, aerodynamics and speed;
  • Your whold bike will be set up in the optimal position with specific recommendatins on improving your pedal stroke efficiency, performance and comfort while riding and minimizing your risk of injury.  We will schedule follow ups as needed to monitor your transition to your best fit and provide a full computerized report and recording of your complete Precision Fit.

This takes 2 - 3 hours.  Add the following services for the best fit for your your riding or racing goals:

  • $30.00 for Triathlon / Time Trial set up
  • $60.00 for Live Video Analysis & Data Motion Capture with leg, torso and arm angle measurements taken while you ride using Data Motion Capture technology to refine your position and technique at various intensities.
  • $50.00 Spin Scan & Power output analysis using our Computrainer Lab model computerized resistance unit to fine tune your most efficient and powerful position.

Platinum  Precision Fit $280.00

Experience + Technology = The most comprehensive Bike Fitting Service combining all of our Precision  Fit expertise!

Live measurements,  on the fly position adjustments and direct Spin Scan and Power Output analysis using the Trek Precision Fit System, Data Motin Capture and Video analysis while you ride.  You can see the difference in  efficiency and power output  with precise position changes while you ride!

This takes 2.5 - 4 hours.  Add $30.00 for Triathlon / Time Trial set up

The Cycle Therapy Bike Fit Experts

Steve Lund

Steve brings 30 years of racing and coaching experience to every bike fit.  

An accomplished Road and MTB XC racer, Steve transitioned into coaching and has become one of a select few NCCP Level 4 coaches in Canada, graduating from the National Coaching Institute in 1997.  He has lead Canadian National Cycling Teams at Commonwealth Games, Pan Am Championships, World Cups and many other internationbal events.  He was the head Cycling Coach for Triathlon Canada from 2000 - 2006, helping Simon Whitfield and many others refine their cycling fits, skills and fitness.  Steve is the founder and head coach of the Victoria Academy of Cycling, a youth development team that has helped young bike racers become professional athletes including 2008 Olympian Gina Grain and professional road racers Nic Hamilton (JELLY BELLY P/B KENDA) and Ryan Anderson (OPTUM P/B KELLY BENEFIT STRATEGIES), top Canadian (8th place overall) at the inaugural UCI tour of Alberta and competitor at the 2013 Road World Championships.

Steve has performed over 1500 Bike Fits in the last 20 years on cyclsits of all abiliities and disciplines, including Triathlon specific set-ups for the world's best Ironman and Olympic distance athletes.  He has years of experience working with a world-class team of athletes and doctors, a UVicn National Coaching Institute Advanced Coaching Degree and extensive knowlege of the bio-mechnics of cycling and anatomy.  This knowledge and experience is used to perfectly align your bike and body so you can ride faster, smoother, and with greater efficency.  He also has a great deal of experience helping to resolve and  minimize the risk of bicycle related overuse injuries.

David Beggs

David is a life-long cycling enthusiast and the genius behind Cycle Therapy Precision Fit Studio. 

He is a Master's Racer and has successfully completed the highest levels of the Trek Precision Fit program with the most comprehensive training program available.  David specializes in fitting tall riders and solving fit and technical problems as he is a wealth of technical and equipment knowledge.  He is an expert in all aspects of bicycle technology and can recommend any and every part available for any aplication.  David maintains our expensive stock of fit accessories and is constantly lookng for the latest technological advancements to improve a cyclist's speed, power, efficiency, and comfort for years of injury free riding or racing. David has helped many riders overcome bike and cycling challenges that had decreased their enjoyment and even ability to ride a bike. 

Cycling Travel Tips

The Velogear Ride Advisor is a guide to International Bike Hire and Cycling Tour Operators. Their website garners over 1.5 million visitors a year!  They have loads of great cycling information. 

We also highly recommend checking out TREK Travel as a premium tour operator.


Shop Rates (Certified Trek and Shimano Service Centre)

Flat Repair


Tire Change


Tubeless Tire Install

$20.00 (includes sealant)

Gear adjustment


Replace gear cables and housing

$25.00 (includes gear adjustment)

Inspect brakes, replace pads as needed and adjust


Replace brake cables and housing (per side)

$40.00 (includes brake adjustement)

Install & Replace Cassette


Install Chain


Bottom Bracket Install

Starting @ $30.00

Hydraulic Brake Bleed

Starting @ $25

Headset replacement


Full Wrap Fender Install


Full Rack Install


Spoke Replacement / Wheel True


Wheel Truing

$25.00 and up

Wheel Build


Bar Tape

$25.00 (included removal and installation of Bar Tape purchased at CT)

Fork Overhaul – Replace oil and seals

$100.00 (plus cost of seals)

Quick Wash and Lube


Bike Wash Plus Drivetrain Deep Clean and Lube

$60.00 +$20.00 for optional paint polish

Bike Boxed

$80.00 ready for shipping (includes cardboard box and packaging)

Please Note: Cost of replacement parts is not included in these prices.

Fitting Rates

The standard fitting session rate is $80.00 an hour in 15 minute increments.

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