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The Sue Wells Ride for ALS Research

Ride with us on Sunday September 17th 2017 to Honour Sue Wells and Raise Money to make ALS a treatable, not terminal, disease.

 The Routes:   45km   90km   160km 


Choose from one of the well-marked distances noted above.  PDF maps of the routes will are now posted above... just click the link.  If you are not sure how fast you can do each distance we have a link to a spreedsheet here that will help you figure out your best time and  distance.  It is important to bear in mind that the BBQ at Red Arrow will be up and running by noon and will shut down at 3:30... so that may help to  inform your decision. Please note that the kit bag we have in production for all participants has incorrect distances for the 90km and 160km distances.  When it went into production (time sensitive) the routes were slightly different than they are now so though we initially thought they were going to be 85km and 150km they are, as you can clearly see, not.  But as a very laid back customer  said to me this  morning when I was be-moaning that fact... "Well, it's close."  I am really hoping all of you are equally laid back about that little detail.  My apologies for the mistake.  I hope you still enjoy your kit bag! 

160km Departs at 9:00

90km Departs at 9:30

45km Departs at 10:00

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The ride begins at Charles Hoey Park across from Cycle Therapy Bikes in Duncan and ends at Red Arrow Brewery on Chaster Road.  Although there is parking close to Charles Hoey Park it is limited and you may wish to choose to park your car closer to the end of the ride. Red Arrow has requested that none of the ride participants park in their Brewery parking lot as it has limited parking available for their regular customers.  There is lots of parking available at the Parhar Business Park on Chaster Road very near Red Arrow Brewery and it will be clearly signed.  That leaves your car close to the finish line so you can grab your personal belongings easily after the ride. It is a very short ride from Chaster Road to the ride start on Duncan Street in downtown Duncan.  Just pop up Allenby to the bridge... across the bridge and continue on into downtown Duncan... turn right on Ingram, ride across the tracks then  turn right on Ducnan Street.  You can't miss the park! Check out the map here!

Package Pick-up:

This must be done in person as you have a waiver to sign so  you won't be able to send a friend to pick it up  for you.  You can not ride unless you have signed the waiver in person.  If you are able to come by Cycle Therapy Bikes on Saturday the 16th between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. you can pick up your swag bag that also has your ride number and your food and beverage bracelet. Otherwise, plan to arrive at Charles Hoey Park  early on Sunday morning for your package pick-up.


If you wish to donate and are not able to join in the ride please go to this link to donate to ALS Canada directly on behalf of the Sue Wells Ride.  And many thanks for your donation. 

Sue Wells Cowichan Valley Ride

The Sue Wells Ride For ALS Research

Start:  Charles Hoey Park in Duncan 

Finish:  Red Arrow Brewery

Sunday September 17th 2017

Registration Fees (All Distances) 

  *Youth  $35.00 + $2.00 processing fee = $37.00 

  *Adult & Masters $65.00 + $2.00 processing fee = $67.00

Fees include an after-ride BBQ (A Just Jakes beef or vege burger & choice of salads) & Beverage (Red Arrow brew or water or pop) plus a seriously cool swag bag filled with cool stuff!

Sue Wells Cowichan Valley Ride

2017 Sue Wells Ride Notes

Thank You To our Gracious Sponsors

Red Arrow Brewing Company - Lance and Cindy

The Duncan Garage -  Susan Minette

Cycles Lambert -  Peter Creighton

Jakroo - Johnny Halliday

Thank you as well for your continued support:

Cindee Hulton at Red Arrow Brewing Company

Daniel Bertrand at Just Jakes

Balbir Parhar from the Parhar Group

Shari Paterson at The Cowichan Exhibition Centre

Anna Tibbetts from Great Greens Farm Market

St. Johns Ambulance Duncan

Sharlaina Gale and the City of Duncan

Barry O'Riordan and The Hub

Judy Stafford and the Cowichan Green Community

Everyone in the Duncan Symphony Orchestra who help to make the start of the ride so very speical. 

Thank you to all our volunteers and to ALS Canada.

Thank you as well to all our ride participants.  Which reminds us to remind you that this is a ride, not a race! 

  • There are no closed roads or controlled intersections -  it is mandatory to obey all the rules of the road.  It is important to note that the 160km ride will encounter some gravel just over the summit of Maple Mountain just after the aid station.  There is some road work being done there so ride with caution.
  • Please ride a maximum of only two abreast. On some of these roads you will have to be in single file.
  • For those not familiar with this area, some of the roads you will be riding on have rough spots, so please pay attention and stay safe.
  • The majority of the three routes is away from traffic lights and on rural roads.
  • You cross the highway up to 5 times – please be extra careful and pay attention to the traffic lights.
  • The shopping/tourist area through Cowichan Bay and Shawnigan Village can be very busy on Sunday.  Please reduce speed through this area and don’t ride too close to parked cars – give the cars enough room so if a door is opened you will not get hit. It can be hard to see sometimes if the driver is still in the car.
  • The aid stations offer only limited mechanical assistance. There will be 2 trucks and 2 motorbikes on the ride route, these people can also offer limited mechanical assistance and in some cases, can transport you and your bike back to the finish. This is not guaranteed but might be available so please do not be afraid to ask.
  • There are 3 aid stations on the 160, 2 aid stations on the 90 and 1 aid station for the 45. These all have a closing time that is shown on the board.
  • The spreadsheet of aid station timing is also available on our website.
  • If you cannot maintain an average speed of 25kms/hr for the 160 ride we cannot guarantee that any of the aid stations will be open.  It also important to mention that the participants BBQ at Red Arrow will shut down at 3:30. 
  • This is a ride not a race – stay safe and please show respect to all the other user groups you meet on the road.

We hope to see you at the Red Arrow Brewing Company.  Mostt importantly.... HAVE FUN!!

A Little About Sue

Our friend, Sue Wells passed away on Tuesday March 14th 2017 after grappling, heroically, with ALS for three years.   Her body was lovingly placed in a very simple plywood casket that she designed so that her many friends could decorate it with art and poetry during the wake… and they did just that… beautifully and thoughtfully. 

Sue was a complex and wonderful woman who touched so many lives and communities here in the Cowichan Valley.  She was an artist and potter.  She started the first organic grocery store here and on Haida Gwaii many years ago and was instrumental in changing the way people eat.  She was a dragon boater, a wharfinger, a librarian and a geographer.  She worked in South America and Africa during her life and loved nothing more than to travel and more importantly to be outdoors.

Sue was not one to wind up bed-ridden by this terrible disease.  Just a few days before her death we took her to the local swimming pool so she could go for a water-walk and float around for fun in the “river”  with two of us holding her steady, fore and aft while she giggled with delight.  In fact, she got to the pool once or twice a week right up to the end.  Not only that, but Sue actually got outdoors one way or another  almost every single day.  Once a week until just a few weeks before she died she even went horse-back riding at the Therapeutic Riding Centre at Providence Farm, a place she once worked as a volunteer  and that she loved with all her heart.   With help, she got up and dressed every day and she stayed busy.  Her schedule was staggeringly full.  She stayed vibrant and engaged right to the very end.  Sue Wells was an extraordinary human being.  If you never got to meet her hopefully you will now feel that have had a glimpse into her extraordinary life.   

After the ride we organized to raise money for ALS Research in 2016, I asked Sue how she would feel about having the ride named after her going forward.  She gave me one of her lovely coy smiles and told me that she would like that.  Going forward this ride will be called the Sue Wells Ride for ALS Research in her honour.

Sue will be missed every day by so many people.  Her son Cameron,  her daughter Loiuse, her grandaughter Abby, and her parents and siblings in the US as well as many of us here in the Cowichan Valley and on Haida Gwaii whose lives she touched so deeply.    She is in our hearts and minds and I believe that her generous and unflagging spirit during her life and in the midst of her battle with ALS  profoundly changed the way many of us  now view death… and life. 

Sandra Beggs, Duncan, BC  2017.

Sue Wells and her people

* Sue Wells 1952 - 2017 * Much loved * Held forever in our hearts *

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