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Road bike

We're in and the store is open!

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Jenna and Sean

Sean and Jenna began the move with a Herculean effort on Sunday!

Family Affair

Sunday was a family affair with Matt's fiance, Heather, helping out....even little Blake got in on the action. 


 Jenna and Emily

Jenna and Emily never stopped smiling...Jenna and Sean's positivity in the face of MANY BOXES of STUFF was so encouraging.

 The Trek Line Up

Our Trek road bikes just looked so pretty lined up like that in their new spot, I had to take a picture.

John Many hands make light work...customers who have now become friends, dropped by throughout the day to lend a hand. 


Matt and Anthony looking tired!


But it didn't take much for them to perk up....they love the new space!

 The girls were a little bit confused but they are finally starting to settle into their new space.

And, yup, David was pretty excited about the renovations.


The move took longer than we thought it would.  Originally, David thought it would take two days.  In the end....we worked hard for five days to get ready to open. 

We Opened Friday the 14th!

 It was so much fun to have everyone drop by to wish us well on our opening day!

The Point of Sale (used to be the bar!) looked great...the product was perfectly displayed.  Lots of excitement!

Smiles all around....mostly.  :)

Sean and Anthony just love the new repair shop!


Our Project One display seems to be working and you can see the bike fitting room through the doorway.

The shoe display is perfect!

The helmet display is equally wonderful....with lots of storage behind the display for more colours and sizes. 

 All in all we couldn't be happier with our new location. 

We were given a great welcome by the Cowichan Green Community who all came in singing and dancing a welcome song and bearing flowers and food. 


Gullyvers travels

I've crisscrossed the globe as a competitor for many years, but I rarely ventured beyond the mountain resorts that contests are held in. As I get older, I've started pushing to escape the industry bubble and get off the beaten path more. — Gully


Slayer earns top marks at the Bible of Bike Tests

We're stoked—the results are in, and stacked against thirty-four of the industry's best, the Slayer 770 MSL has received top marks in Bike Magazine's 2017 Bible of Bike Tests.

Session made in Waterloo

"Many hands make light work, and a light bike."

Follow the journey that transforms unassuming sheets of carbon into Session: one of the baddest, lightest, downhill race machines to grace World Cup podiums. Meet the cast of characters at Trek responsible crafting this American-made frame, and get the behind-the scenes tour of the Waterloo factory. Click over to the article on dirtmountainbike.com!

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