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The Cowichan Challenge Tri

Posted by Sandra Beggs on

Cowichan Challenge Triathlon     

So this would be fun….head out and cheer…or better yet participate, in the Cowichan Challenge Triathlon on July 14th.  This much anticipated yearly grassroots event inspires people from all over the valley to get up off their couches and swim, cycle and run for months ahead of the big day.  Often doing all three on the same training day…crazy people you say?  Nay say I.  They’re athletes and they’re awesome.

This event is a Ceevacs sponsored event.  You’ve almost certainly heard of them…Ceevacs, is the very active Cowichan Valley’s running club.  They’ve been going for over 25 years now and they actively support, foster and promote running, walking and other fitness activities for members of the community.  Every week there are group runs and starting now there are Summer Fun Runs all through July and August.  Check out their web page for details and don’t be shy about joining in.  The group is super friendly and will always make you feel welcome.

…But back to the triathlon.  If you’re reading this before July 1st there is still time to sign up for the Early Bird discount and a chance to win a $100.00 gift certificate from Frontrunners.  The triathlon starts at 8:00 a.m. at Fuller Lake and there is a sprint or main event.  You can do this race individually or as a relay team.  The sprint is pretty much half the distance than the main event so there’s options a ’plenty!  The organizers had to work around the Chemainus Bridge construction so the cycling aspect of the race is going in another direction this year…but bravos to the organizers for persevering and coming up with a creative solution to the 2013 Bridge challenge. 

Registration takes place at the Cycle Therapy parking lot on Friday July 12th and Saturday July 13th or on race day between 7am and 7:45 am. 

Next month…favorite Cowichan Valley Rides!  See you on the road

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