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Renovations 5

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Greetings Everyone:  We are pushing the move date back by one week.  The current plan is to remain open in our current location and begin moving on the 9th of March...yes the day the time SPRINGS FORWARD!  So we will be open on Trunk Road through Saturday the 8th of March.  Then a whole crew of people will be helping with the final push to the new location on Duncan Street.  We are posting a few more pictures here....you won't see too much of a difference but boy...we are soooo close to the end game!  Stewart is putting in the baseboard....which is really making the space look finished.  And Don Skerik is deftly organizing the lighting...the final and ahem..."missing" piece.  The lighting shipment was slightly delayed...but we're coping.  We will be moving product over all next week and with the help of Jena we will be putting the final touches on the displays. By the way...note the amazing floors...beautifully finished concrete. 

Ron Touches Up the ceiling paint before the track lights go up. A glimpse of the new cycling shoe display/storage.
 Ron Painting
 On the north side of the store sits the helmet display and storage unit.  And the mountian bike rack...newly assembled.


 The workbench in the repair shop...just a bit more to do on that! 

The shower in the staff restroom will make it easier to ride to work on the worst muddy days.

The staff room, lockers and all, is almost ready.

This is where the repair and rental bikes will spend their time when not being worked on.

Gullyvers travels

I've crisscrossed the globe as a competitor for many years, but I rarely ventured beyond the mountain resorts that contests are held in. As I get older, I've started pushing to escape the industry bubble and get off the beaten path more. — Gully


Slayer earns top marks at the Bible of Bike Tests

We're stoked—the results are in, and stacked against thirty-four of the industry's best, the Slayer 770 MSL has received top marks in Bike Magazine's 2017 Bible of Bike Tests.

Session made in Waterloo

"Many hands make light work, and a light bike."

Follow the journey that transforms unassuming sheets of carbon into Session: one of the baddest, lightest, downhill race machines to grace World Cup podiums. Meet the cast of characters at Trek responsible crafting this American-made frame, and get the behind-the scenes tour of the Waterloo factory. Click over to the article on dirtmountainbike.com!

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