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Renovations 3

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So...The H.V.A.C. is in and is working.  The painting has begun.  The electrical is in and ready to put the lights in.  We all met at the new location this morning and had a brain-storming session.  The boys are excited.  All our repair bikes will be stored indoors now...no more moving them in and out every day.  We have tracked down some amazing industrial shelving to store our bike over-stock.  The signage is looking great...thanks to Mark at Marks Instant Sign Shop. 

The big issue this morning was coming up with a time-line.  It looks like we will have our last day at our current location on the 28th of February and will begin the big move on Saturday the 1st of March.  We will likely take about three or four days to do the move...and so we should be opening our doors on the 4th or 5th of March.  We hope that the full "Soft Opening" will be on the 8th of March, just in time for the time change and our spring group rides.  That could all change...but not by much. 

Simon Dusts the HVAC

Simon dusts the HVAC.


The HVAC is in and is working perfectly!

Anthony is in a daze

Anthony Windsor Checks out the New Window Trim

It's going to be the repair shop

Beggs going over some details.

Ron puts in the shower

Ron puts in the shower!  Yes...for those wet winter days...we can still ride to work!

Measuring up repair bike storage

Matt Grossnickle, Anthony Windsor, and David Beggs deciding where/how the repair bikes will be stored. 

All in all an exciting morning at the new location on Duncan Street!

Gullyvers travels

I've crisscrossed the globe as a competitor for many years, but I rarely ventured beyond the mountain resorts that contests are held in. As I get older, I've started pushing to escape the industry bubble and get off the beaten path more. — Gully


Slayer earns top marks at the Bible of Bike Tests

We're stoked—the results are in, and stacked against thirty-four of the industry's best, the Slayer 770 MSL has received top marks in Bike Magazine's 2017 Bible of Bike Tests.

Session made in Waterloo

"Many hands make light work, and a light bike."

Follow the journey that transforms unassuming sheets of carbon into Session: one of the baddest, lightest, downhill race machines to grace World Cup podiums. Meet the cast of characters at Trek responsible crafting this American-made frame, and get the behind-the scenes tour of the Waterloo factory. Click over to the article on dirtmountainbike.com!

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