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Our great sales team of Matt, Anthony, Steve and Alan will help you figure out which style of bike is best for you - based on where you want to ride, who you ride with, what your goals are, and with your budget considerations top of mind.

Browse our bikes online, or come in to the store to see even more options:-

  • Electric Bikes - “I want to climb higher, ride farther, explore more”
  • Full Suspension“I won’t be riding on the road often or at all. Mostly, I'll be riding on trails.”
  • Hybrid Bikes - "I want to explore the cowichan trail on weekends and commute durng the week"
  • Road Bikes (competitive geometry) - "I am a fit and athletic person who is naturally competitive. I want a fast and responsive bike to challenge my friends and challenge myself."
  • Road Bikes (Endurance geometry)“I may have some pains, but I still want to enjoy the long, beautiful distances out on the road. I may want to join a group where everyone has drop handlebars, but I don't want to sacrifice comfort. Give me a bike where I can simply enjoy the ride.”


Cyclocross Bike

“I want a bike with drop handlebars but I want to be able to go on gravel paths, cottage roads and dirt trails. I may want to ride through all 4 seasons.”



“I have done some triathlons and I know I love them! I may already have a road bike, but I want a bike that will go as fast as possible in my triathlons.”


The brands we showcase at Cycle Therapy have been selected because of the benefits they bring to you the cyclist and the ideologies the manufacturers share with us here at the shop. We like bikes that start out with an excellent design and are further refined through real-world testing. If you are not familiar with all the brands we sell, browse around. They are all personal favourites of ours and we are sure that you will find a bike that catches your eye and suits your needs

Whether you're a workplace commuter; a cyclist who eschews carbon consuming vehicles; or a burgeoning racer, Cycle Therapy has you covered.  We offer a wide range of bikes to suit your personal cycling style. We have road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, cyclocross bikes, and cruisers. Our staff will professionally fit you to your new bike as well, ensuring a comfortable, pain-free ride every time. There's nothing like falling in love with a bike and we, at Cycle therapy, have the perfect bike for you!

Electra Bikes

Electra Bikes

The Townie introduced Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology® to the world and it was love at first sight. It challenged the sacred geometry of bike design and created a completely different riding experience, not to mention a few shockwaves in the industry. With an upright seating position that lets you see the world better and place your feet flat on the ground whenever you want, the Townie sets a new standard in comfort and control. Although many Electra bikes feature Flat Foot Technology to some degree, the Townie showcases it in all its glory. We know there are so many Townies to choose from, it can be hard to decide. Some people just pick their favorite color, which is cool. But you might want to look into things like the number of gears or balloon tires. No matter what, it's all good. 


BionX e-Bike Systems

Lighter, with a longer range and a more powerful ride: BionX™ optimized all e-bike system components to once again set a new standard in e-tuning. With over 10 years of experience in development and over 250,000 satisfied customers worldwide, electrically assisted mobility powered by BionX stands for maximum propulsion and quality to the last detail. With two product series, Cycle Therapy carries the e-bike solution to fit every need.  We even have a BionX pedal assist demo bike in the store.  Come in and try it out around our very safe parking lot and neighbourhood!




You love riding.  You love traveling.  And you love doing it on your terms.  Trek Travel loves giving you everything you want.  And they love to exceed your expectations.  This is the cycling vacation by which all others are measured.  

Sipping wine off the coast of the Mediterranean.  Lounging in the finest hotels in Europe.  Climbing  the most epic mountain passes you could ever imagine.  Trek Travel has custom built the perfect vacations for lovers of luxury, disciples of cycling,  and familes who want to see the world like they've never seen it before.  

If you purchase a Trek bicycle at Cycle Therapy we can offer you a $200.00 off coupon towards your spectacular cycling adventure!  

Havoc Pro Scooters 

Havoc Storm $199.99

Available in Black/Oil, Chrome/Blue, Gold, OilSlick($229) and Rasta

Storm BlackOil

Description: The new 2018 Havoc Storm is better then ever!!

  • Fully intergraded Head tube
  • fully sealed bearings
  • forged steel fork
  • new flex brake design
  • 110mm wheels BUT WILL HOLD UPTO 120MM WHEELS.

Havoc Descendant Jai Walker Signature $299.99

Descendant BlackGreen

Description: The best complete scooter available for the price. Personally designed by Havoc Pro Rider Jai Walker.

  • Deck: 4.5" Wide 20.5" Long
  • 120mm full core wheels
  • Bars: 23" Wide 25" Tall
  • HIC Compression

Havoc Hoss $399.99

havoc hoss

Description: Havoc's done it again with one of the widest  street scooter decks on the market

  • Colour: Black
  • 5.3 inches wide concave deck
  • 22 inches long
  • Aluminum knock out
  • Aluminum bars ends
  • 110mm full core wheels
  • SCS Clamp with 6 mm bolts
  • Aluminum mud guard
  • 24 x 27 T-bars
  • Weight: 8.7Lbs
  • 2 Bonus wheels and bonus Handle bar grips in each complete scooter box.
  • Your choice of 2 different colors of bonus wheels and grips

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